Power Washing

Cleaning your roof will remove all of the dirt, pollution, mold and grim that has built up over the years. A 4,000 pound PSI presure cleaner will clean your roof and open the pores of the tile so the new products that will be applied will adhere properly.

If we are cleaning your flat roof we use a much lower presure so your existing roof gets cleaned not dammaged.

Seam Sealing

After your roof is clean and missing tiles replaced, we will fill all of the verticle and horizontal tile joints to create a seam free roof. Valleys get water-proofed with cement fill and then seam sealer will be applied. Pipe flashings, exhaust vents, wall flashings and all other flashings get water proofed.

Coating and Finished Products

After the seam fillers are totally cured (usually 12 to 24 hours) your roof is ready for the final products.

One coat of elastomeric coating (usually tinted to the finish color you choose). Then One coat of roof paint, the color of your choice.

A gloss finish is eaiser to clean and looks great. A flatter finish is recommended for roofs that have a pitch greater than 6 on 12, beacuse the gloss surface is slippery to walk on when wet.

Warranty is 10 years

We will issue you a 10 year warranty to be leak free , When the 10 years are ending . We will perform a free roof inspection and if needed we can add another coat of product and extent your warranty for another 10 years.