Is the Roofing in Palm Beach County Ready for Santa?

Is the Roofing in Palm Beach County Ready for Santa?

Is the Roofing in Palm Beach County Ready for Santa?

Normally, you might worry about your roof in Delray Beach or Boca Raton being up to snuff during Hurricane Season (don’t worry – it doesn’t start until June 1). But, if you’re expecting a jolly visitor later this month, the experts at Integrity Roofing Company of Palm Beach County have some inside information, you may want to keep in mind.

Santa will find that there aren’t a lot of chimneys for him to slip down here in Palm Beach County, but a roof is still a good place to park the reindeer while he magically whisks himself into your house to leave presents for everyone who has been good this year. 

Up on the Rooftop 

Popular Mechanics asked the question, What Roofing Material Is Best for Santa to Land His Sleigh? “You’re going to need something tough to stand up to all those reindeer,” they say. 

“First off, the whole shebang—sleigh, flying ungulates, sacks of toys, Santa himself—weighs a ton. Actually, more like north of 60,000 tons, which is the estimated weight of the gifts alone, according to NORAD, which famously tracks Santa as he makes his Christmas Eve rounds,” the folks at Popular Mechanics report. 

“Moreover, says NORAD’s Preston Schlachter, Father Christmas packs on an additional 1,000 pounds of body weight over the course of the evening ‘Just on cookies and milk and yummy snacks.’” 

How the heck does he get down those last few chimneys? Seriously! 

Fortunately, we don’t have to find the answers to questions like that. We don’t even have to know if the reindeer prefer to land on shingle, tile or, perhaps, metal roofs. 

If you’re interested, though, the experts at Integrity, a full-service Palm Beach County roofer that provides a wide range of services from waterproofing and new roof installation to roof repairs in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach., lean toward shingle – it offers more traction.

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